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        Branch company

        Fushun Carbon Co.,LTD

        Fushun Carbon is located in the heavy industry area of western Fushun, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 250 thousand square kilometers with a construction area of 78 thousand square kilometers. The business scope includes graphite electrode manufacturing and selling, steel material marketing and the designing and developing of new products. The company possesses the following main production equipment: 20-tin 12-tin calcining oven, three kinds of oil press machine production lines including 3500t, 2500t and 1000t, 34-room circular baking furnace and the high press impregnation and rebaking devices imported from Japan. The company is also equipped with the largest graphitization workshop of 16000kva direct in China, nipple auto-processing line and body processing line. The advanced main equipment makes Fushun Carbon the best of its kind in the Chinese carbon industry.

        The leading product of Fushun Carbon is the Three Ring graphite electrodes. The major varieties are: RP graphite electrodes of φ250-500mm, HP graphite electrodes of ∮350-500mm and UHP graphite electrodes of ∮350-500mm. The products have won the award of High Grade by China Metallurgy Ministry and Liaoning Province as well as High-quality Famous Trademark of China award. In July, 2000, Fushun Carbon got the certificate of ISO-9002.





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